Our family has been blessed with many loyal customers and it gives us great joy to see you at one of our locations. Word of mouth is our best praise. Our customers become part of our lives and family. We care. Not only do we have great home cooking at a good value and friendly service, we have a personal commitment to our customers. There are no strangers leaving Popi's. We know our customers and establish a personal relationship with them and their families. We share laughter and our smiles. Many of our customers who are returning north for the summer, bring their cameras to take pictures with the staff to share with their northern friends and family. They want to share the smiling faces with the funny stories and kindness retold. That is what family is all about!

Popi's has from the beginning been community oriented. Some say Popi's has a heart as big as Manatee County! Popi's gives from the heart many cash and food donations to local schools, organizations, benefit fund raisers and local activities. Popi's is not just in the community -- Popi's is a part of the community and is proud to help for the betterment of the community. That is what community is all about!

Our employees are the best! We trust and appreciate our staff. Many of our employees are part time. We work with our staff scheduling around their busy lives and needs. We have learned that the smallest details do count. Many of our staff have been with us from the beginning. For some, this may be their first job before entering college. In a job market, where good help is hard to find, we at Popi's have a great crew. They are a big part of the Popi Family success story. We are proud of our staff and want them to be proud of us. In this day and age of non-commitment we have a unique working environment at Popi's.

Our day starts early at 4AM, making homemade biscuits at least five inches across in diameter, also preparing soups and chef specials that change daily. We serve Breakfast at 6AM, but our customers know we are here early, so we are not surprised if they knock on the back door for a cup of coffee. Our menu is a combination of Greek and American food and it is very extensive. If our customers want something special that is not on the menu, Popi's will always try to honor that request. We serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner seven days a week. We love to cook at Popi's!

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traditional favorites with a signature twist

Family, Community, our fantastic staff and our love for cooking for you


Greek and American Restaurant